1. Ellie looking out over Wauswaugoning Bay.
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    Ellie looking out over Wauswaugoning Bay.

  2. Last housemate outing to High Falls. I’m going to miss these wonderful friends :(

  3. New Chapter

    Last night I purchased a one-way flight to Anchorage.

    I decided to finally turn that page, take that leap.

    I’ve been thinking about Alaska ever since last spring. But I didn’t do anything about it since I was having another wonderful Grand Marais summer and I was mostly happy. And then fall came and I wasn’t so happy. Winter was coming and I knew it was going to be mentally rough. I felt like I should be going somewhere, but I just didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t moving forward and I was a bit upset with myself. Winter was an eternity. I had forgotten what it felt like to be warm (it was record-breakingly cold), we had more snow than we could handle (the snow banks on both sides of our driveway got so tall that I could no longer throw shoveled snow on top of them), and I missed the sun. I was also the most stir crazy I’ve ever been, but also almost too depressed to do anything about it. At least winter was beautiful. The ice! I feel fortunate to witness Lake Superior that frozen over. I don’t think I’d be able to make it through winter without that lake and my friends. I also walked to work every day no matter how terrible or dangerously cold it got, making me feel somewhat superhuman. Coming out of a winter like that (-63°F windchill included) makes 0° “not cold”.

    So now, after months of looking for something that felt right, I’m finally going! I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity and I’m not letting it pass me by. It’s crazy how fast time can move once you decide what you’re doing. You gain momentum and things seem to just fall into place. Now I’m busy working my last days at the co-op, putting together a daunting list of tasks to get done before I move, culling my belongings, packing, planning, hanging out with friends, and spending time saying goodbye to the north shore. I sure am going to miss this place.

  4. It rained today! Not snow, rain! Real, pouring, springtime rain.

    *update: April 1st (next day)….. BLIZZARD!

    Mother nature was just playing a joke on us. I was walking to work in the horizontally blowing snow & it was so crazy out that a concerned motorist actually pulled over to offer me a ride (which I kindly refused).

  5. Relaxing after work and watching the ice pile up. I’m easily entertained.

    (Source: youtube.com)

  6. Wishing for thunderstorms.
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    Wishing for thunderstorms.

  7. Charlie Parr at Papa Charlie’s in Lutsen last night.
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    Charlie Parr at Papa Charlie’s in Lutsen last night.

  8. About as close as we get to having icebergs in Grand Marais.

  9. Monica & I testing out some of the ice on the point.