1. The perfect place to eat lunch, perched upon a boulder and soaking in the sun.

  2. Camping out on Box Canyon Creek with new hostel friends Robert, John, & Laura.

    I had thought about camping out off of Exit Glacier Rd. as an option for a place to spend the night (every single space to camp or park was taken in the town of Seward for the marathon & 4th of July) then John mentioned that he was staying out there, too. All of us met up at Safeway and Robert & I followed John & Laura out onto Exit Glacier Rd and into a campsite. But John just kept driving past the site out onto the river bank. “John is a good guy, you don’t think he’s going to kill us, right?” asked Robert as we continued to follow him on my Jeep’s first ever off-road adventure. We arrived upon the perfect camping spot. John cooked up some fresh caught salmon and my status as a vegetarian almost came to a halt. It looked and smelled so good! But I decided that if I was going to start eating fish, that the first one I ate had to be one that I caught myself. As midnight struck Rob & Laura started singing the Star Spangled Banner and danced a bit around the campfire as John & I (the two Americans) found ourselves lost and not able to remember the lyrics. Whoops. It was a good night. 

  3. A spur of the moment trip to Virgin Creek Falls with hosteler Robert.

  4. A quick train stop in Whittier on a rare warm, sunny day.

  5. My first morning waking up in the back of the Jeep at Kasilof Beach.
    High Res

    My first morning waking up in the back of the Jeep at Kasilof Beach.

  6. My first Alaskan “thunderstorm”. There were a couple of flashes of lightning, & some minor rumbles, plus lots of rain. But that was it. I miss the real deal.

  7. St. Nicholas Church in Eklutna.

    There’s a unique cemetery here where the graves are marked with Athabaskan spirit houses.

  8. Bird Point overlook.

  9. Dipnetting at 20 Mile River.

  10. My first time in a float plane - a little complimentary flight over Anchorage with Jen & Meredith.

  11. Showing Tiantian the sand dunes on a perfectly sunny afternoon.